The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy

I love to read. In fact, I often read a chapter or two (or 7) of a new or favorite book before going to sleep at night. I read a large variety of books and I admit to even enjoying childrens’ books 🙂 You should pick up or borrow the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. It is a charming re-telling of the old favorite and I like it better. It is colorful and has lots of great pictures.

I’ve decided to start doing reviews on the books I love best. Today’s book is :

The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy by Penelope Wilcock.

 I find it a little hard to describe what I love about it. It’s a book that takes me to places and times I have never been in and will never go. It’s a story about quietness and a monastery and prayers and love and forgiveness and fighting personal battles. It’s not your average, easy reading book. It is out far enough of my world that it’s fascinating, yet not too far that I’m bored and overwhelmed. It somehow strikes a chord somewhere deep in me that not many other books do.

Living away from society and being shut away from the greater world doesn’t take care of man’s problems. The men in this story facing their problems and facing themselves is a large part of what the book is all about.

Do pick it up and read it. It may be dry as cornbread to you, and if it is, I am very sorry. Then would be a good time to pick up the three little wolves book. 🙂

And I realize that several months and posts ago, i asked you (whoever is reading this), what your favorite books and authors are. But I’d love to hear again, especially if you are new to this blog.

 I’ll try to keep going on this book review thing and eventually I’d like to have a special section for recommended reading (using suggestions from y’all).

So, what’s on your bedside stand?

Of good books and stuck cookies

After perusing the book aisles at several Goodwill stores today, I was rewarded with several potential good books. I love the feeling of picking up a never-read-before book. It could quickly become a favorite, or it could be thrown out, never to come in contact with my life again. It’s hard at first glance to tell a good book from a no-keeper.

I love reading and my books quickly become old friends. When I move into a new place I feel at home when my books are on their shelves, not when the curtains are hung. Case in point-my bedroom now. My stash of books was set up the day we moved and I have yet to hang curtains. Actually, I have yet to get curtains. And we’ve been here nearly three months.

I confess to being a lover of old books and old authors. Give me books by Harold Bell Wright or L. M Montgomery. I like Francena Arnold and Gene Stratton Porter. Another favorite is End of The Spear. You gotta love the old gentleman from the jungle who came back to the States with Steve.

 I like books that don’t just entertain me. I like when they move me and unconsciously push me to become a bigger person. I like reading a book and then thinking about it for the next couple of hours.

Occasionally I can get into a newer book. But somehow the newer ones don’t have the “old acquaintance” feel.

My problem now is I feel stuck in a rut. And your solution to my problem is to tell me who/what you enjoy reading. I love recommendations.

And since I love recommendations, here’s one for you. Visit for a wide variety of books and better yet, FREE SHIPPING in the U.S. Prices start at $3.95. I can handle that 🙂

I’ve got about 25 in my wishlist and when I finally start making money, you probably won’t find me on here very much 🙂

So, don’t be shy and do tell. I would be so very obliged.


P.S. To any thriftbook executives reading this, A-HEM! This is what a lot of people call advertising.

P.PS. I’m having issues with posting pictures on here. “It” says my browser cookies function is turned off. Whatever. I know nothing whatsoever about browser cookies and what to do to make them stick. I’ll stick with macadamia nut, thanks.