New Year~ I’m still here

This wasn’t how I envisioned I’d be spending this week- being exposed to, then getting, then recovering from you know, it. I’m supposing that in twenty years, I’ll marvel that so many people will know exactly what it means, and the fact that I didn’t need to elaborate more. (future self, in case you’re confused- google omicron)

So I’m reminded periodically that I still have a blog, mostly through WordPress notifications, but sometimes in running into people who ask me about it.

To be honest, I’m not quite sure why I do and that makes it hard to think about posting and contributing. I’m not really into talking about controversial current topics, don’t have anything to sell, and can’t make beautiful loaves of artisan sourdough bread. If you know, you know.

Like many of you, I’ve taken some time to think and dream over a new year, and to reflect back on the old. For many, the past two years of the pandemic have been marked by crushing loss, and for those unaffected by loss, a complete disruption of life as we’ve known it. We’ve all been put under the microscope and it’s brought up things about ourselves and each other that hadn’t been known before. The best and the worst. How do we move forward with all that? Throw in simmering social and cultural issues and it’s just made it worse. Sometimes we don’t know how we can move forward but we know we must.

I think that life operates somewhat as a puzzle, with a myriad little pieces of varied colors and lines, and impossibly complex edges. We try, from an early age, to start putting them together and are surprised to realize at some point, that we also live in the puzzle as a piece. How do we put together the life puzzle, while being one of the pieces? How does God, as the puzzle maker and knower, also become a piece, and how does that change how I put it together?

I don’t know for certain, but I’m walking into this new year believing two simple things:

My best needs to be laid at His feet regularly

And so does my worst.

I need to know what God has given me to offer the world through my life and influence, but I also need to be keenly aware of the things most exposed to enemy exploitation, most prone to my own destruction.

I need to be able to have real conversations with Him about both.

You do too.

It seems that a collection of Christ-followers, giving their best back to God, and then using it throughout the world for His glory and making Him known, while at the same time taking their weakness and sin-prone areas to the cross regularly, has more chance at changing the world than the best curated reading list, podcast episode or stance on any cultural issue.

There’s something about this somewhat elementary truth that helps me put the pieces together. I suppose it’s because its easy to believe that change is somehow out there, in better systems or more ideal circumstances, not within my very heart-the one thing I can know and change. It moves me from the paralysis of helplessness and outrage to something constructive and useful.

God wants my best, the offering of my deepest and truest love, and He also wants to destroy and redeem anything that gets in the way of that.

He wants it for you too. To have both is to change our hearts, the trajectory of this new year, and our world.

Cheers to a wonderful year, my friends! 🙂

One thought on “New Year~ I’m still here

  1. “My best needs to be laid at His feet regularly

    And so does my worst.”

    I needed this, Vicki. Thanks for blogging again!


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