Finding Rock:: Sharing Rock

I suppose a single girl being incredibly blessed and inspired at a wedding sounds like the beginning of a joke.

You know, “a single girl walks into a wedding, and…..”

I attended the wedding of dear friends over the weekend. Their love and adoration for each other was beautiful. But even more beautiful was their desire for lots of God-glory to happen. And it did. In their selected music, in the message, and in their prayer time.

It had been, you know, a week. An inauguration with a nation holding its breath. Continued arguments and opinions and ongoing noise over pandemics and politics and social issues.

But then, this pastor gets up at the wedding, and he’s passionate and hopeful and inspiring, and I could’ve wept. It seems like so many Christians are tired, disillusioned, disappointed, grieved, burdened and angry. I don’t think I realized how much it had gotten to me till this pastor started speaking. I can’t even tell you what all he said, but I can tell you that he’s excited about being a Christ follower, and about being part of Christ’s bride, and that’s what I’ll remember from his message.

We live in a fallen, broken world so we will be disappointed, discouraged and sometimes even disillusioned, because of our circumstances and even because of other Christians. But I think when the whole kit and kaboodle of us become this dismal lot, it’s going to do something to Gospel/Kingdom morale, and I’m scared of the effects especially on the young Christians who are just starting their walk with God.

I wonder if finding rock (see previous posts for definition), doesn’t organically morph into sharing rock at some point. I didn’t need another compelling argument for or against masks, on the horrors of Trump’s presidency and the impending gloom of Biden’s. I needed a reminder that being a Christ follower, with all of it’s challenges and hardships, is the most satisfying thing a person can be, and there’s happiness and excitement within that.

As I think back on Christian heroes who’ve lived through the ages (and I’m telling, you, I’m hanging on to these people and to their God for dear life right now), two things ring true throughout:

  1. their joy and stability weren’t determined by their circumstances
  2. their joy and stability weren’t determined by other people.

Regardless of what Dr. Fauci or President Biden, or random Facebook user says or issues or decrees, my hope is in God. Regardless of how other Christians are responding to these events, my hope is in God. My greatest temptation towards discouragement and disillusionment is when I’m too invested in either group instead of in my hope.

So maybe this week, be the Christian who:

  • speaks randomly and frequently about the goodness of God showing up in some part of life
  • speaks appreciatively of what we enjoy instead of constantly on what we’re being deprived of
  • smiles widely so that you can’t miss it, even while wearing a mask (if your situation requires it)

And maybe, just maybe you’ll give rock to a bewildered,young Christian, or to a tired, older Christian.

Because I think finding rock means sharing rock.


3 thoughts on “Finding Rock:: Sharing Rock

    1. Thanks for reminding me that I have a blog 🙂 I struggle with vision for it and I’m not exactly sure what kind of writing is helpful or productive in this noisy, crazy time that we’re living in. If you’d like to elaborate further on what you enjoy or would like to see, I’m certainly open to hearing it.


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