The God Who Holds

It’s as though the sky is weeping with us-liquid drops of emotion falling from the sky, landing and forming puddles on the already soggy earth.

Pain, tragedy, disappointment. The senseless attack in Manchester, a young man, full of fire for His God, now battling stomach cancer, a family whose world has been rocked by a tragic accident.

When the pain is closer than an international headline, when the sheer heaviness threatens to suffocate you, when the bedrock of your faith is shaken to its core, when you blindly hold on to the One whom you cannot see and whose ways you don’t understand, He is holding onto you.

A favorite author, Alicia Britt Chole in her book, Finding An Unseen God, tells the story of a man’s experience with his young son.

“Little Joel always loved holding his daddy’s hand, but since Joel’s hand was so small, he could just grip his dad’s pinky. Kyle would smile and secure his thumb and index finger tightly around Joel’s wrist. Joel thought he was holding on to his dad but the truth was that his dad was holding on to him. Once when they were crossing a parking lot hand in hand, a large pickup truck suddenly turned a corner, racing towards them. In fear, Joel let go of his dad’s hand. Kyle, his grip still tightly around Joel’s wrist, pulled Joel out of the trucks path and into safety.

Little Joel thought Daddy was in his grip. It took a time of crisis to realize that he was actually in his dad’s grip. That lesson can only be learned if you are holding onto someone who (1) is real, and (2) is also holding onto you.

To those of you grappling with numbing, yet searing pain, deep disappointment or grief that is larger-than-life, I’m praying for you. And as you blindly hold on to that pinky, I pray that you will feel His hand wrapped tightly around yours.

Only in the Christian faith does a God sustain and carry His children with the same hand that flung out the heavens like a curtain and measured the waters in his palm.

“I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness. I will take you by the hand and keep you.” Isaiah 42:6

The God who holds.



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