:: Little House ~ Big Dreams ::

For a few months now, my sister Kelly and I have been praying and thinking deep thoughts about our future. We sensed something was on the horizon, but didn’t know what. The story is long and bizarre, but I can simplify it in one sentence: We are renting a house.
It should probably read: WE ARE RENTING A HOUSE!!!!!! Those are the truer emotions about it 🙂  Our landlords are good friends of ours- an older couple, and I know they will take good care of us and we hope to return the favor.
We are so excited about all the possibilities contained in the walls of this home. We envision it full of laughter and guests and yummy foods and ministry. We’ve already had a great deal of company in the nearly 3 weeks we’ve been here,and decided we need to pace ourselves a bit. We both love to host so that works out well. 
We want this place to be restful and inviting. A place for our local girl friends to come and hang out and talk about life. A place for church families to drop off the children for a date night out. A sanctuary for others involved in ministry who need a breather or a bit of encouragement. We have big dreams for this place!
This was in the works for a couple months before we moved in, so you can imagine where Kelly and I were early Saturday mornings 🙂 We got a great deal of stuff from yard sales and flea markets, which was wonderful, cause we really like to be frugal like that 🙂 Saves more money for jaunts around the world (she’s flying to Australia on Sunday).
So I present:: Our Nest::

The dining room is lovely and has lots of natural light. Funny thing is, we rarely eat in there. We usually eat in the living room. The table and chairs cost us a whopping $25 at a yard sale and we were thrilled!


The living room is a sanctuary, and we spend a great deal of time in there. It also has beautiful, big windows that let in lots of light.  
We joked that we wouldn’t feel at home until our books were unpacked so that was one of the first things we did. We are both avid readers and our books make our home feel complete. 

Kelly’s room. Obviously these are works in progress but we love them. The hardwood floors throughout the house are gorgeous!

My room. I naturally gravitate toward blues and grays and love the cool, restfulness it portrays.

 The bathroom initially was our least favorite room in the house, but our shower curtain made it all better. Is it weird to like a shower curtain so much? 🙂 
And last but not least: the kitchen.

The space is perfect for two people and I like how everything is an arms length away. We are having so much fun cooking and washing dishes and just all the domestic things that ladies get to do. It’s a bit of a learning curve though, because we both work full time, so we’re trying to find quick, economical and nutritious ways of eating and it’s kinda hard! I’m not interested in eating out of cans and boxes for convenience, but it’s taking a bit to remember to get meat out and prep ahead of time when we can. For dinner tonight I made breakfast pizza and that was yummy and quick. 

This part of the house is not being used too much because of the high heat and humidity, but during the spring and fall, you will likely find us out on this screened in porch a good bit.
That concludes it. It’s not perfect, but it’s perfect for us. And we are excited about our future here in town.

Most of the photo credits go to Kelly. She captures beautifully with the lens.