The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy

I love to read. In fact, I often read a chapter or two (or 7) of a new or favorite book before going to sleep at night. I read a large variety of books and I admit to even enjoying childrens’ books 🙂 You should pick up or borrow the Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig. It is a charming re-telling of the old favorite and I like it better. It is colorful and has lots of great pictures.

I’ve decided to start doing reviews on the books I love best. Today’s book is :

The Hawk and the Dove Trilogy by Penelope Wilcock.

 I find it a little hard to describe what I love about it. It’s a book that takes me to places and times I have never been in and will never go. It’s a story about quietness and a monastery and prayers and love and forgiveness and fighting personal battles. It’s not your average, easy reading book. It is out far enough of my world that it’s fascinating, yet not too far that I’m bored and overwhelmed. It somehow strikes a chord somewhere deep in me that not many other books do.

Living away from society and being shut away from the greater world doesn’t take care of man’s problems. The men in this story facing their problems and facing themselves is a large part of what the book is all about.

Do pick it up and read it. It may be dry as cornbread to you, and if it is, I am very sorry. Then would be a good time to pick up the three little wolves book. 🙂

And I realize that several months and posts ago, i asked you (whoever is reading this), what your favorite books and authors are. But I’d love to hear again, especially if you are new to this blog.

 I’ll try to keep going on this book review thing and eventually I’d like to have a special section for recommended reading (using suggestions from y’all).

So, what’s on your bedside stand?

My Calling~ His Pleasure

Do you ever wonder if God gets any pleasure from what you feel He has called you to do? Do you ever feel like it’s pointless and wonder what’s the use? I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about callings and our wills and decisions.

A very dear friend/cousin is needing to decide which fork in the road to take as it relates to vocation. All her options are wonderful, fulfilling and kingdom building. And yet she has to decide which one to do. I remember the feeling of uncertainty. It seems like surely God must have an opinion about what He wants you to do but you feel no clear leading one way or the other. It’s like you are whirling around God’s roundabout, the choices veering off like the spokes of a wheel. And not only are you flying around trying to get some sort of direction, but the people behind you are honking their horns, impatiently waiting for you to decide which road to take.

Why is it so hard to decide God’s will? Why doesn’t he put your name and an arrow at one of the roads?
And then there are those who seem to easily understand the specifics and the reasons of His calling. He calls them to something that He made them good at doing. I think of Eric Lidell, the man who could run like the wind.

“I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.” Eric Lidell

We sometimes struggle with the mundane-ness of our callings. I don’t feel His pleasure every time I arrange juicy red tomatoes on top of a bed of lettuce, put the bread on top, and finish a sandwich. There’s no sort of spiritual thrill there. There is, however, an inside-my-heart sort of feeling that I am doing what He wants me to do right now. There are times when I look out and think of what all I could be doing. Bigger things. More thrilling things. Things that I feel would surely pleasure Him more. 

But you know, if I can’t even happily put a sandwich together, wish someone a blessed day, smile at the grumpy and listen to the hurting, right in our own store I’m not sure how I’d do in the jungles of Ecuador. For, after all, “she does most in God’s great world, who does her best in her own little world.”

I highly recommend the book, The Grand Weaver, by Ravi Zacharias. He says,

The doctor reveres the patient for the same reason the ball player takes care of his physique. The particulars of their call differ because the site of their sancturary differs. But the privilege of individual access to God-anytime, anywhere-remains the same. That is what makes their calling equally sacred.

I like that. We each have a sanctuary. The place where we are in active service for God. Mine happens to be a deli/specialty food store. It’s ordinary, glitter-free, and simple, but it’s there I can worship. Because He has called me to be there.

And maybe someday I can be big enough to say:

I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me to serve people. And when I prepare pasta salad, I feel His pleasure.



Cheers and thanks to my dear friend Julia for transforming my blog! My siblings and I were over at her family’s house for a few hours on Saturday and we had such a good time together. I wanted some tips on the technicalities that exist in blogger and she helped me out and more! She whipped that header together in practically no time and I love how it turned out.

We always enjoy being with them because we share a lot of the same values and love the same Lord. Oh, and they live only a few miles from us too. Double plus! Her brothers have a really neat duct tape weapon business and can make all kinds of swords, shields, etc with what i always thought of as ordinary duct tape.

More posts coming up. Gotta do this new makeover justice!