I Think We’ve Grown Up

For the first time in all my life (23 whole years as of today), I finished a monopoly game. I had never finished a monopoly game before with my siblings. See, we always felt so sorry for each other whenever any of us were approaching debt so we’d just forgive each other and keep going. It always ended up like the 4 blondes at the four way stop. So when the properties were all bought, we figured it was a good time to end the game.
That was back in the days when we’d sneak our hundred dollar bills  into our laps when nobody was watching to give the impression that we had less money. Then, when we needed to purchase something big we’d smugly pull it out and everybody would wonderingly gasp, “She was hiding money!”

or something like that.

You would have thought that we’d cease to be surprised with time but we weren’t exactly 500 watt when it came to bright.

That was also in the era of Lots Of One Dollar Bills = cool. 40 one dollar bills makes a bigger stack than two $20’s. I think our thoughts of ourselves were fairly high with this intelligence.

So last night we pulled out Monopoly and played a brutal game. There was no forgiveness anywhere. I really smoked them….. and then too eagerly challenged them to a game tonight. Yep, that’s why i’m on this blog while they are exchanging rents in increments of hundreds. 

It’s sorta sad that we grow up….. but at least our games aren’t never ending anymore.

The end.