overheard at piggly wiggly

(guy stocking shelves)”yeah, you know that magic word snow?” Well, people came and bought us out of __________________.”

We had a snow flurry shower this morning. Little flurries were dancing everywhere in the wind. And obviously people were preparing to be snowed in.

We pulled our sleds out but took them back in cause we couldn’t find the snowflake anymore.

They are calling for some real snow on Wednesday evening. I should probably go and get bread before it’s gone.


P.S. Piggly Wiggly is the name of a southern chain of stores.

P.P.S. We actually don’t own a sled.

Dusting off the cobwebs

This is the kind of evening of which odes were written and songs were sung. It turned out wonderful and I’m so impressed because I have been looking forward to it for awhile. I planned what all I was going to do and the feelings that I’d have as I experienced each action. So yeah, everything was all planned out, which left me a little worried because there are some things that one can plan to death.(weddings aren’t one of them.)

I didn’t get married.

(I’m really trying to see how long I can go on about this without saying what it was we actually did).

I’m also trying to figure out what kinds of evenings you might be imagining.

It’s kinda hard.

So maybe I’ll just say it.

We started our fireplace. And lounged around drinking white chocolate cappucino with belgian chocolate toffee creamer. And smelled fresh clean laundry. And laughed at a lame joke. And just LiVeD. 

We have mostly lived at the store/deli that we opened up a month ago and one can’t live so well at a place like that. Business is wide open and we make between 150 and 200 sandwiches every day. So while we are so very thankful for the income, it does leave us rather tired and brain dead at the end of each day.

I fall into bed and sleep within minutes. In my previous life I would lay awake for awhile thinking and discussing things with myself. That sounds very boring and blah but I can carry a pretty good conversation with myself. And ask some very hard questions. Such as: How can we say that we love sleeping and love taking naps when in all actuality, we are quite unconscious through the whole process? That one had me baffled for awhile and we never got that one worked out.

There are more serious, deeper questions that I’ve been asking too but maybe I’ll do a post on that later. It all has to do with God and His ways. And pain and suffering and the powers of darkness.

But there’s also a deep abiding joy and a wonder at a miracle that’s occuring even now. I’ll write more about this miracle once I can tell the news 🙂

~*~*~ Vicki